Fluid Spaces | #5 | Product System Overview 1

While I worked with the 2.4SINK product line during the experiment phase, I already planned to implement the SOMI-1 product of Instruments of Things in this project. However, it was only scheduled to be released in summer/autumn 2022, creating a certain risk for this project. The release and shipping were indeed a little bit delayed, but in November 2022, around 2-3 months before the final deadline, I finally received the SOMI-1 set and could start working.


With the SOMI-1, I could drastically cut down on the needed hardware, since it directly connected to my notebook, and I did not need the Doepfer case with the power supply and Expert Sleepers audio interface anymore.

Wristband Sensors & Receiver

The SOMI-1 system consists of two sensor wristbands that look very similar to the 2.4SINK ones, and a receiver hub that is quite small and connects via USB-C to my Windows notebook (although it also has a few other MIDI interfacing possibilities). It comes with a configuration software that however was not necessary in my use case, but still practicable to troubleshoot when having connection issues. The firmware of the sensors and of the receiver could be independently updated using Bluetooth and a smartphone app.

I encountered connection problems that seemed to be related to the running audio device on Windows. Apparently, a newly plugged in MIDI device gets tied to an audio device like a USB-interface but might experience issues when no interface is connected. ASIO4ALL was a remedy in this case but did also not always work reliably. The issue was reported to Instruments of Things.