Fluid Spaces | #9 | Next Steps

There is a lot of potential that I see for the format of explorative compositions, and I would really like to see where those could lead. I have not had the chance to let a lot of others really explore the composition I made, which I think is a necessity to receive a lot of valuable feedback. Furthermore, I still imagine this to fit very well into an installation-like setting. But as mentioned earlier, I view this composition rather as a proof-of-concept for this format and I could imagine using this in a very different context. The interactivity can immerse one a lot more into a piece, making it perfect for storytelling. No matter if it is a musical piece or even an audio play – certain gestures could be used in a much more integrated way than I did in this piece. While I am looking forward to more experiments with this format, I would also like to create possibilities for other artists to work with this, which lead me to the plan to create a simple-to-use software (or a simplified Pure Data patch) that allows others to map certain logic (like movement envelopes or levels) to certain MIDI channels, without Pure Data knowledge. I am excited to explore what is to come.