The Emotional Space | #6 | Artistic Vision

It is a very compelling idea to me to create something generative and non-deterministic, that makes subjective experiences even more unique. And while there does not need to be a reason for that, I still started wondering why that is. What is it that interests me in this? Is it maybe the feeling of creating something alive and dynamic? Or is it the sense of cooperation with other things and beings? Or maybe it is just a spark of artistic insecurity that manifests in the urge to not have total control over ones creations? It could also be the desire to bring some randomness into a never truly non-stochastic, digital world. But most probably, it is a bit of all of those, and more.

These questions might say more about myself than about my vision for the installation, but that is where I think I need to start. I assume that an artistic vision is the reason why an artist creates something, which makes it extremely personal and will therefore in many cases never be known to the public. However, my current study program is called Sound Design and the discipline of design implies a thoughtful intention for creations. Additionally, my project is developed in an academic environment, which calls for an approach that is grounded in research. While this does indeed sound a little bit constraining, I do not think it is necessarily contradicting or even too confining. In the next paragraphs I will lay out what drives me to create The Emotional Space and conclude with what I expect from it.