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  • The Emotional Space | #4 | Your Emotional Space

    With my newly revised concept, I finally felt the kind of enthusiasm that I was missing for my other three ideas. I now feel like I created the outlines of a new kind of playground that I can freely shape to my liking. In the following lines I will try to paint a picture of […]

  • The Emotional Space | #3 | Another Concept

    My first meeting with my supervisor left me very inspired and motivated – I had the feeling to be able to explore almost any direction I wanted while still receiving full support. I communicated that the walking soundscape was definitely my favorite concept and in turn received some further input and keywords to look into. […]

  • The Emotional Space | #2 | Walking Soundscape

    In my last post I wrote about the first two of the three concepts I came up with for my upcoming project. This post is solely dedicated to the third concept, which set the direction for the further course of my project development. I play the drums and other percussion instruments, and as soon as […]