Tag: Sound Design

  • Vrengt: A Shared Body–Machine Instrument for Music-Dance Performance

    International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME): The paper “Vrengt: A Shared Body-Machine Instrument for Music-Dance Performance” caught my attention because it explores the body as a musical interface. Since I am working on a face-tracking project that uses face gestures as a musical interface, the paper is of great relevance for my […]

  • The Emotional Space | #11 | First Tests

    With a little delay, I finally managed to get my hands on some 2.4SINK Sensors by Instruments of Things. Two of them to be more exact, together with one receiver, the 2.4SINK Eurorack Module. Other than the SOMI series that is to be released this summer, the 2.4SINK kit natively only works with control voltages […]

  • The Emotional Space | #8 | Reference Works 2

    During my research about reference works that I discussed in my last post (Reference Works 1) already, I also specifically looked for published articles in scientific journals. While I did not stumble over an installation that I would deem very closely related to mine, I found various aspects that bear great similarities to what I […]

  • The Emotional Space | #7 | Reference Works 1

    While for my Walking Soundscape concept (that I wrote about here) it was almost too easy to find existing reference works, now for my Emotional Space sound installation, this proves to be quite the challenge. But to draw inspiration and build upon knowledge from previous works of other people is such a valuable asset that […]

  • The Emotional Space | #2 | Walking Soundscape

    In my last post I wrote about the first two of the three concepts I came up with for my upcoming project. This post is solely dedicated to the third concept, which set the direction for the further course of my project development. I play the drums and other percussion instruments, and as soon as […]

  • The Emotional Space | #1 | First Concepts

    When I got assigned the task to come up with three concept ideas for a rather extensive project in very short time, I started off with experiencing a classic case of blank page syndrome (which is exactly what it sounds like). Even creativity sometimes needs a little nudge, and for someone who knows the sweet […]