Author: Raphaëlle Garnier

  • Do nature feels ?

    Do nature feels ?

    What similarities could be between us and nature ? Not the physical aspect for sure, maybe that we both breath, but what about communication and feelings ? Can nature also transmit messages and feel ? Or… even more ! A way of communication between plants – Internet of the forest Do you know the “wood-wide-web” […]

  • What is your relationship to nature ?

    What is your relationship to nature ?

    What is nature ? But, what is nature for you ? How do you interact with it ? Those are some questions I was asking to myself, but moreover I wanted to have different answers than mine about it. So I did a few interviews to have some other opinions about the perception of nature. […]

  • Nature ontologies

    Nature ontologies

    Ontology is a anthropological/philosophical discipline that refers to the subject of existence. It’s about how we perceive the world, we classify it, we act in it. Philippe Descola is a French anthropologist that has dedicated his research to nature ontologies across cultures. His idea is that the concept of “nature” doesn’t exists and is just […]

  • Listening to nature

    Today’s blogpost is about : listening to nature. But first of all, what means listening ? Listening is the active process of receiving and responding to spoken (and sometimes unspoken) messages. Listening is not just hearing what the other party in the conversation has to say. “Listening means taking a vigorous, human interest in what is being told us,” […]

  • Design and living beings

    Design and living beings

    For this first blog entry, let me explain you a bit my subject : Design and living beings. These last years, ecological awareness has risen in a way as it never has before in the occidental world. However, when people think about protecting the planet, they mostly think about climate change and CO2 emissions. Radically […]