Utopian Design

How might we develop “ideal” societies by
designing experiences from user journeys
made in blank isolated environments?

Society is made up of lots of complex systems, such as the subway system, the roads in our cities, postal networks, and health systems. These stem from a long history of inventions and iterations. Throughout these year our culture and varying needs have changed, as has our societies which have evolved with it.

Back in the 60’s Walt Disney aspired to build a utopian city, starting with the blank canvas of 111thousand m^2 in Florida. The city was supposed to be governed by himself. The project was never realized. It did however make me think of using this mindset within service design. If such a system was developed today with concerns to the needs of people using them today, 45 years later, with the technology we have available at our hands, what would such a system look like?


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