Everything works (so far)!

Everything works so far! With the help of a very esteemed study colleague, the splitter and mixer were successfully soldered and started working. These achievements marked the start of many advances in the project. Now, the left and right hand setups could actually be tested completely, involving all necessary parts, soft- and hardware. Luckily, they worked as expected. The left hand setup is now able to switch between to FX loops according to fretting hand position and the right hand setup is able to control effect pedals via the expression pedal input. Finally, two boxes made from ABS plastic were bought at Neuhold to fit the ready-made circuits in a protected enclosure. Nine holes in total were drilled into the plastic for the audio jacks as well as the power supplies.

All applications need more testing and fine-tuning. The code of the left hand setup must be fine-tuned for example to work even more accurately at detecting frets and more pedals have to be tested in conjuncture with the right hand setup in order to find out what expressive effects are ideally controlled by the strumming hand. Additionally, some gimmicks may still be implemented at a later date. These include:

  • Variable threshold potentiometer
  • LED indicators (ON/OFF, etc.)
  • Battery monitor system for ESP32-LH/RH
  • One box
  • Box design
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