Fluid Spaces | #1 | Introduction

The following blogposts round up my project that transitioned from ‘The Emotional Space’ to ‘Fluid Spaces’. Its purpose is to document the process from the beginning until the end.

Fluid Spaces is the final title of this three-semester-long project, that was
originally planned as an installation and developed into an interactive
composition. It became not only an interactive, but an explorative composition,
which is the distinct phrase this project can very suitably be described
with. Moreso, I would argue that this project somehow coined
what the term ‘explorative composition’ means to me and at the same
time guided me through its discovery.
The following posts will provide a documentation of the development of
this project, from the first conceptual ideas to its potential future. It will
be structured as a non-chronological project evolvement overview, rather
than a simple process description.