Pure Data workout -Drum Machine

As my project will involve programming with Pure Data, one of my self-imposed tasks for this project is to learn Pure Data. Luckily, we currently have two courses that make us use Pure Data on a regular basis. Since I have no prior experience in Pure Data, I feel even more luckier that one course really started with the basics, permitting me to slowly dive into the subject.

However, I also started programming my own patches outside of the course assignments, trying to further familiarize myself with the program. I would like to share one of the patches I made in this post. It is a kind of drum machine, featuring a kick, a snare and a hi-hat that allows you to play self-made drum patterns through a step-sequencer. The patch is a blend of two YouTube tutorials I found, taking from them the best of both worlds. Although it is based on these tutorials, I think that I learned quite a lot recreating the patches and just playing around with some settings, figuring out what they do and how they do it… The wavetable proved very useful because I could really see how the waveforms changed by adding different objects.

In fact, I strongly believe that while learning the theory of Pure Data is essential, it is also important to do some fun stuff, like this drum machine, in between to keep you motivated.

Screenshot of the Pd patch (frankly not the best quality)

I tried to attach the Pd file but could not upload it due to security reasons. If any of you are interested in the patch, I can send it to you!

However, I also attached the links to the tutorials for those interested in trying it out themselves.

Link 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYlOw8YXoBs

Link 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxnCkns-zMo

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