The Emotional Space | #20 | Next Steps

The biggest change that I await to happen next semester is to receive the SOMI-1 kit from Instruments of Things. This new kit will only come out during summer, but basically entail exactly what I need from it: the wristband sensors look and can do pretty much the same as the ones from the 2.4SINK kit, but the receiver is just a small USB interface, meaning there is no analogue data to clean up anymore. This of course makes the time I spent cleaning this data feel a little redundant, but this also gets rid of the bottleneck, allowing me to read out data from more than one sensor simultaneously, too. Which also brings me to my next point: I will spend some time on planning the multi-sensor mapping – basically defining what influence each sensor has on the soundscape when more than one sensor is active.

Other than that, I will want to spend a lot of time on the actual composition. And furthermore, I would like to plan the installation, since I would like it to be a multi-sensory experience. Either way, I am very much looking forward to spending more time on this project.


To choose a topic for our semester project work we should develop 3 ideas. One of these Ideas could form our master theses in the 4th semester. But one of the ideas should ideally be a topic for the next 3 semesters.

My emphasis in collecting my thoughts for these ideas was to support my interest in topics I wanted to learn in the next two years. My primary interest of mine is sound synthesis and composition. With the second point, my approach has always been performance-based. Therefore developing an instrument of some sort was a logical decision.