Author: Christoph Bus

  • Vision

  • Music Information Retrieval 2 – Algorithms

    As we now have some questions about what we want to find in the signal we can look for algorithms that can provide information on that. here the questions are listed again: Is the sound noiselike or tonelike? Is the sound bright or dark in its sonic character?  What is the rate of change? For […]

  • Music Information Retrieval 1 – What?¿?

    One property that puts our planned module apart from modules on the market which as we will get pitch-, gate-, and envelope-information from an input signal, is the usage of Music Information Retrieval (MIR). This relatively young and growing but still young field of research seeks to make music machine-readable with techniques of machine-learning. In […]

  • Hardware 2 – Pepper and Bela IDE

    The Bela Starter Kit comes with a Beaglebone and the extension of the Bela Cape which houses a myriad of IOs. This kit will connect to Bela Pepper which is a PCB with a matching Faceplate for integrating the Beaglebone into a modular system. The assembly of the PCB is described on with an […]

  • Expression 2 – Quantising

    So there is a multitude of values to be extracted to pick up a musician’s expression in performance. If the music is written down, some of it is readable by the sheet music. Some of it however is an individual expression of the musician. which is far more abstract in character and much more difficult […]

  • Hardware 1 – DSP Boards

    What hardware microcontrollers and DSP chips are readily available to power the Interface module? That is a central question to start working on ways to implement MIR algorithms into a module. The second question is what code language is compatible with the chips and how can one implement it. Those questions are examined in a […]

  • References 3 – Eurorack Modules

    Since my work will be implemented in a eurorack system I attempted to find references of existing modules that would do a similar thing. As expected I found no modules where Music-Information-Retrieval is implemented. But there are Modules with which like Pichfollowers, envelope-followers, combinations of those two and separate building blocks. Doepfer a-196 PLL: The […]

  • Expression 1 – Defenition

    For the Musician–Synthesizer Interface it is important to translate the pitch, Amplitude-envelope and note length. But those are the Basic values that define the most basic values of translating Music into the air. The pitch and the relative length are defined for example by sheet music and the envelope by the Characteristics of the instrument […]

  • Reference 2 – Expression Hardware

    In modern Midi keyboards, there are several possibilities to record expressions. The widest spread feature is the velocity control. This parameter is controlled by the velocity one hits the keys and thus can be easily added by keyboard performers in their playing like they would playing an acoustic instrument. With the synthesizer and the possibility […]

  • Reference 1 – Sarah Belle Reid

    Sarah Belle Reid is a Trumpet player and Synthesist who takes the sound of her brass instruments and puts them through her modules Systems like Buchla, Serge, or Eurorack. She has developed a device with which she translates her trumpet playing to CV and/or MIDI messages called MIGSI. They Developed MIGSI in a big part […]