Design and living beings

For this first blog entry, let me explain you a bit my subject : Design and living beings.

These last years, ecological awareness has risen in a way as it never has before in the occidental world. However, when people think about protecting the planet, they mostly think about climate change and CO2 emissions.

Radically changing our society not to harm the planet anymore, gathers several different topics: climate change, CO2 emissions, economy, consumerism, waste, water, biodiversity… just to name a few of them. Nevertheless, protecting nature and biodiversity is often seen as something kind, but not serious at all.

And people shouldn’t think like this as we are extremely dependent of nature. Each human is living in a very complex ecosystem which provides him water, food, and every change in the ecosystem can have really big consequences for our lives too.

Why, then, have we lost this link to nature?

Part of the answer is that we mostly live in cities full of concrete, we don’t grow anymore the food we eat, we have lost our know-hows about nature and we have lived for centuries with the concept of nature versus culture.

So, how can we rebuild this link between human beings and nature? How can we really see nature and communicate with it?

Those are the questions I’m asking now to start my research. And I already found a few solutions trying to make nature more tangible, more close to our perception of life, but this will be in my next post.