[Data Safety #3] What do users think about data safety?

Happy holidays!

I have taken advantage of these dates to make a small approximation to what I believe will be the answers of the users in front of an individual interview about the subject of Data Safety. I developed a small questionnaire of 7 questions with given options on it, to see if any interesting pattern was established.

I share with you some of the highlights:

  • QUESTION: Do you recognize this image? Do you know what it is?
Cookie’s window in wordreference.org

Faced with this image of a cookie, a 76% of users said they can recognize it without problems, compared to 16% that sounds like something and 2% that does not recognize. In general, they are a well-known (and annoying) element by internet users, so I am not surprised by the affirmative percentage.

  • QUESTION: If you recognize, what option do you normally choose?

Half of them say they usually choose the “Consent/Accept” option, compared to 30% who choose the other options button. In addition, in this question 1 out of 10 varies between the two options. This is the question I think is most bias by the type of majority respondents (university education and gen z). Since I believe that it is a higher number of the population that accepts without further questions the cookie policy of the web pages.

  • QUESTION: Do you know for which purpose do webpages have your data?

Only 12% of respondents say they know what entities use their data for, compared to 48% who are unsure of knowing and 32% who do not. On the other hand, 8% say they don’t mind.

  • QUESTION: What do you think about entities that have your data?

This is one of the questions that I find most interesting in the survey, since the purpose is to know after the introductory questions the user’s feelings about the background topic. Given this question, 40% of users show concern and 16% would like to know more about this issue, compared to 40% who are not concerned about this issue.

An interesting point regarding this question is that among those who said they were not concerned about this issue, 70 per cent of them usually choose options other than “I accept/Consensus” when they faced a cookie question.

  • QUESTION: Do you know if you can ask the entities to delete all the data, they have from you?

In this last, more technical question, the objective was to delve a little more into the specific knowledge that users have about their own rights regarding data security, in which we talked about in the previous post. These responses show the least unity, with 28% considering that they can delete the data companies have on them, another 28% not believing it is possible, another 28% believing it depends on the type of data, and 16% choosing other responses. This shows clearly, the little general knowledge that users have.

Although the sample is very small (just 30 people), so it cannot be taken as relevant, I think it has been interesting this small incursion to the minds of users. Thanks to this, I have prepared a slightly more concrete script for the personal interviews, whose results I will share in the next post. For now, what do you think about these answers?

See you next week, enjoy the brief holidays!