Author: Andrea Paricio Hernares

  • [Data Safety #5] Dark Patterns. Practical Examples

    Good afternoon! I guess it was time for this series of two posts in which I finally show examples of what a good design and a bad design of the cookie window is. In this first post I have tried to select some cases that seem to me evidently malpractice, since they guide the user […]

  • [Data Safety #4] Interviewing users

    ¡Happy New Year 2022! Finally I was able to take advantage of the Christmas holidays to make use of my close circle for conducting a few interviews with the end users. Perhaps it is not the best methodology, since we have no specific product to develop, but I have focused it as a continuation to […]

  • [Data Safety #3] What do users think about data safety?

    Happy holidays! I have taken advantage of these dates to make a small approximation to what I believe will be the answers of the users in front of an individual interview about the subject of Data Safety. I developed a small questionnaire of 7 questions with given options on it, to see if any interesting […]

  • [Data Safety #2] User’s rights

    As I commented in my first post the GDPR was approved by the European Commission in 2018 to protect the privacy and rights of individuals with regard to personal data. These rights apply to any person whose personal data (PD) is processed by a controller or processor. Personal data (PD) is any form of data […]

  • [Data Safety #1] Do you like ‘cookies’?

    Perhaps when you have read the title, it has come to your mind a picture of those sweets made of butter, milk and flour; and even perhaps you have imagined them with chocolate chips. However, the question was about the new ‘cookies’ of the web pages, maybe this image sounds to you: In case you […]