[Data Safety #1] Do you like ‘cookies’?

Perhaps when you have read the title, it has come to your mind a picture of those sweets made of butter, milk and flour; and even perhaps you have imagined them with chocolate chips. However, the question was about the new ‘cookies’ of the web pages, maybe this image sounds to you:

Oreo Cookies

In case you didn’t know, cookies refer to the pieces of data that the website collects from users. Before 2018 it was optional to ask users for permission to collect such data, but upon approval of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the European Commission it is mandatory that users give their consent both for the websites to collect their data and for what they can use them.

This gives UX/UI designers the obligation to know the rights of users with respect to data protection and to communicate them in the best possible way. It is a new role and very important, since it is very complicated to establish a design that balances the right to information and a clear, direct and efficient communication. Because if it’s not usable, it’s also not safe.

Questions about accepting the privacy policy are necessary and also a tool to empower the user, however, most users are annoyed. This is due to many issues, which we must research about, but above all it is because of the constant appearance of tabs and windows that pop every time they enter a new website, interrupting them for their original purpose. This leads many times to the user accepting the terms and conditions without even knowing what they are doing. Avoiding this situation is in our hands as designers, and it is also our duty.

Data Protector

The purpose of these small pills is to provide the necessary tools and information to designers (and, of course, interested people) on this new issue. I have divided the deliveries into the following topics:

  1. User’s rights.
  2. Brief summary of interviews.
  3. Dark Patterns. Practical Examples.
  4. White Hats. Practical Examples
  5. Role of UX/UI designers.
  6. Research’s conclussions.

Follow the deliveries if you want to know more. For now, i leave this video to warm up.

See you!

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