Author: Fridtjof Agnalt

  • This is service design thinking

    For my project work after the summer I will be working with the emergency room (ER) in Trondheim to improve their patient experience. My design supervisor for the project recommended that I read the book: “This is service design thinking: Basics, tools, cases” to get an overview of the process I should apply to such […]

  • Reactive Video: Movement Sonification for Learning Physical Activity with Adaptive Video Playback

    Paper by Doga Cavdir, Chris Clarke, Patrick Chiu, Laurent Denoue, and Don Kimber This project aims to improve physical learning, in this case Tai-Chi, by implementing audio along with visual feedback. As you do your Tai-Chi exercises music composed of bell, chime and wind sounds plays in the background and two parameters: tempo and […]

  • One decisions I often get wrong

    And what makes me do it. Looking through my day, I singled out one thing I often find myself doing that I recognize as poor choices. My biggest vice: Getting up in the morning. Most days I go to sleep full of motivation. (I have a theory that I am like a big, complicated machine […]

  • Decisions I usually make in a day

    And why I sometimes make the wrong choice Let us zoom in. Now that I have established some characteristics of decisions and decision making let us try applying it to my own life. Since I want to look at everyday decisions I have chosen an average day as a starting point.  The two red points […]

  • When do we make decisions?

    To get people to make better active decisions, we first have to look at when those decisions are made. I spoke to several people when trying to figure this out and it seems like it all comes back to feelings, which is not that weird when you think about it. However, it means that for […]

  • Two types of decisions

    All decisions are not created equal. Examining my own choices I have a theory of two extremes with a sliding scale in between. The two extremes are passive and active decisions. Active decisions are taken at your own initiative while passive decisions require a decision to be made. An example of a good active decision […]

  • Designing decisions

    We face thousands of decisions every single day. Ultimately these decisions shape our future, who we are and who we become. Thousands of decisions every day. It is not easy to get every single one right every single day. On top of this, the amount of decisions we face is increasing. Fifty years ago there […]