Inclusive character design: first drafts

After I read those inspiring two articles I decided to start right away with experimenting. I opened my procreate app and made up the following scenario:

If I were to draw illustrations for a healthcare magazine about the pros of yoga. Whom will I depict? How would I normally do it vs what did my findings on inclusive character design say how I should to it?

I really tried to play with different body shapes, skin colours, hair and outfits which put no character in a weaker or stronger position as well as reflecting their cultural background appropriately. I noticed that very often I had to ask myself: is what I want to draw a stereotype or does it reflect the reality? I did some research on hairstyles and textures in order to get it right and to match it to their cultural background.

I will continue experimenting. The next blog post will be specifically about depicting young male Japanese characters. In order to depict those characters as accurate as possible I will do some research on facial features, hair, as well as clothing. Stay tunes.

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