Author: Anna-Lena Misun

  • Kritische Bewertung einer Masterarbeit

    CG Pflaumbaum – 2013 – Advertising – A sensationalised media construct?School of Design and ArtChristine G PflaumbaumThis Thesis is presented for the Degree ofDoctor of Philosophyof Curtin UniversityFebruary 2013 Gestaltungshöhe:Zumindest nach dem, was online gefunden wurde, ist diese Arbeit eine reinwissenschaftliche, die keinerlei Ambition in eine Design Richtung zeigt. In dieser Arbeit geht es […]

  • Inclusive character design try 3

    In my latest experimental session, I experimented with the character design of native American people. As in my latest approach I did some research on features and characteristics which are typical for this ethnicity. I also wanted to give them a neutral/ordinary clothing because I thought about illustrating native Americans how they would live today […]

  • Inclusive character design 2nd try

    In my last blog entry, I experimented with inclusive character design in the field of: having one common theme (doing yoga) and then drawing different people in this situation. This time I focused on ethnicity and gender (Japanese (young) man) and tried to really understand: Features Clothing Characteristics I realized that it’s hard for me […]

  • Inclusive character design: first drafts

    After I read those inspiring two articles I decided to start right away with experimenting. I opened my procreate app and made up the following scenario: If I were to draw illustrations for a healthcare magazine about the pros of yoga. Whom will I depict? How would I normally do it vs what did my […]

  • New topic: Inclusive character design

    I actually came across the beginning of the semester, ditched it and now really want to come back to it again: inclusive character design. What does inclusive mean? How can we achieve it? What is inclusive and what is just insulting and stereotypical? What can you do as a designer to make your illustrations inclusive […]

  • Designers can’t change the world- but what we can do instead

    After one of the Designmonat lectures I just needed to research a bit about what it means to be sustainable/environmental conscious as a designer. Designer can’t change the world – But what they can do instead Sustainable graphic design Social and environmental issues are forcing designers to acknowledge that also their design process is most […]

  • Maximalist design experiment

    Of course, I could not give up on my maximalist design of a carrot juice and I tried out more things. I looked again in the research I had already done about maximalist design and try to come up with ideas. In the end, I have 2 drafts that in my opinion, reflect a rather […]

  • Minimalist design experiment

    In the first semester, I did a lot of research on minimalist and maximalist design characteristics. As for the second semester the plan is to experiment in this field, I thought about something: I will choose a product, for example Carrot juice and then crate a minimalist as well as maximalist design for it (according […]

  • Minimalist packaging attention and perception (part 1)

    The past couple of days I have looked into a very interesting study from Michael Garaszczuk which deals with the topic of packaging design. Here are some of the most important findings: Originally, the role of packaging design was to store the product in a protective container while it was transported through different distribution channels. […]

  • Comparing Millennials View on Minimalism And Maximalism in Web Design

    In my last research session I came across a very interesting study. The aim of this study was to see if millennials who grew up with minimalism prefer a minimalist or maximalist website design. Authors: Ulrik Söderström Lovisa Carlsson Thomas Mejtoft Minimalist web-design is characterized by portraying necessary information, content, and features in the most […]