Minimalist design experiment

In the first semester, I did a lot of research on minimalist and maximalist design characteristics. As for the second semester the plan is to experiment in this field, I thought about something:

I will choose a product, for example Carrot juice and then crate a minimalist as well as maximalist design for it (according to what I’ve learned) The aim for it is not to be perfect but rather the process behind it.

As for the carrot juice, creating a minimalist design was fairly easy. A lot of ideas came immediately to my mind, and I knew exactly in which direction I want to go. But, for the maximalist design, it was very different. I hand no idea how to do it. I’ve made a lot of drafts, but they all turned out wrong.

Now I’m thinking: Are there products which can’t be advertised in a maximalist way? Is carrot juice to pure, clean, and organic to be advertised in a maximalist way?

minimalist design try 1
minimalist design try 2
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