How to make an intuitive App for Android

There are Android app-design guidlines:

They also keep you updated on new changes:

Same as iOS, Android always works with a dark and bright theme. Design can change over the years and updates and trends and currently its the “Material Style”. No oppacity but layers, structure and strong colors with dropdownshadows to make it look like paper. The Shadow helps to show that layer, like an elevated look. (Trancparancy with iOS).

Animations in apps are handeled with curved motion that pushes other content away or to the side.

The current android color pallete also doesn’t have to be folllowed in apps but if you want to, here is there color theme:

Android even offers their guidline navigation code:

They use the App bar above, a tab bar, navigation on the left side and floating action buttons. Every single feature is offered in code form for easy access for developers!

They also offer their guidlined icons:

As Android has developed foldable smartphones, it is necessary to think responsive and work with cubic grids.

Android uses way more gestures (too many if you ask me). Include them in your app if you want:

Difference between iOS & Android:

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