How to make phones usefull for older people?

Seniors are easily overwhelmed with too much fast information. They are from another time and brains don’t learn faster with age, it is the opposite. In order to help with too much to learn, limiting functions, reactions and options to the most comfortable and useful once is key here.

Seniors are not interested in memes, podcasts, online shopping, digital files or navigation. They learned the minimal old way to find their way, but with the globalization they still wan’t to keep contact with their family and be able to see them in Video-calls and more. A phone is a smart device to do so, but it comes with too many features for seniors.

A block-app that allows to freeze features and put the important abilities on the main Home screen could be the solution.

If a Senior is better with more features or maybe is interested in, let’s say, sports, streaming or E-Mails, than this can just be added to the Home-Screen and not frozen. Also interest helps the brain to learn better, so grandparents that are interested in a specific more advanced feature are capable of learning it because passion drives them.

That means the app target group is actually the younger relatives and not the grandparents, but the outcome is indirectly targeted to seniors. The app is customizable by relatives or phone-services at shops.

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