What could be LESS for senior-Smartphones to make them MORE efficient.

There could be a differenciation between following features to the App:

  • Can be removed/darkened in grey
  • Can be adjusted to than be fixed

Adjustable to than be fixed:

  • Brightness and the volume can be adjusted to then not be editable outside the App-Konfiguration-Mode.
  • Apps and their location
  • Code and Password and FaceID
  • Wifi and Bluetooth Connections
  • “Do not Disturb”
  • Sounds and Ringtones
  • SOS Call
  • Home Screen Background and Watch Face
  • Font size and Language
  • Internetpages

Removed or darkened and frozen:

  • Apps
  • Darkmode
  • Flashlight
  • Wallet
  • Screenlock
  • App Library

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