Failed experiments

My next ambition was to add a convolution algorithm to the patch, so I can load impulse responses and achieve different kinds of reverbs, amp simulations, and special effects. There are various convolution externals for PD but my limitation, as usual, was the Vanilla library again. I tried uploading the externals to the same folder as the patch, but even so, all of them got rejected in the IDE.

The only vanilla-compatible solution I’ve found so far is a low-latency partitioned convolution algorithm by Tom Erbe. His patch should normally work on Bela, but since it uses the read-skip function to partition the IR sample 28 times, it requires a lot of processing power, exceeding Bela’s capacity and causing CPU overload. Erbe suggests that the convolution process can be sped up by either running [rfft~] on the impulse response partitions and storing the results in tables, or running [rfft~] on the input once for each partition size but unfortunately I haven’t been able to solve this issue yet.

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