Future Plans

As it is not always possible to set up a network communication with Bela, I plan to make the physical interface completely independent from the OSC control to avoid any usability issues. To achieve this, I will add a toggle switch to the physical interface, which will allow for the selection of the effects. Additionally, I will add an RGB LED to the interface, which will always display the color of the effect in use. For this, I might have to change to the larger Bela, as the mini version I am currently using doesn’t offer any analog outputs. Another benefit of the larger Bela over the Bela Mini is that it includes a line out in addition to the normal audio out, meaning I could have an extra headphone out on the unit.

I also plan to expand the OSC interface, so it can offer more detailed parameter settings. One idea is to include presets, which can be saved and recalled at any time. Additionally, I would integrate a tuner that is only accessible in the OSC interface. As already mentioned I will try to solve the issues with the convolution algorithm, so I can load Impulse Responses, which would also only be available in the OSC interface. Finally, as this is an open-source project, I also plan to set up a Git Repository, where I provide all the material and information necessary to reproduce this project.

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