Reference Work 1 – Analog Outfitters’s Scanner Vibrato and Reverb Unit

Analog Outfitters’s Scanner is a stand-alone vibrato and reverb effect, built around a refurbished Hammond vibrato scanner and spring reverb tank and serves as the main reference for my project work. As an upgrade to the original design that had a fixed rate, Analog Outfitters has added a brushless DC motor that allows for the variation of speed either via a knob on the front panel or by attaching an expression pedal.

The interface includes controls for vibrato gain, reverb mix, line out level, vibrato speed, and vibrato level, while the reverb and vibrato effects can be turned on and off individually via an included footswitch. In contrast to Hammond’s original design, Analog Outfitters’s unit doesn’t integrate settings for chorus, but thanks to the variable speed of its motor, it can achieve anything from low-speed gentle modulations to high-speed psychedelic vibrato effects.

If interested, check out this video to experience the unique analog sound of this device.


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