Turning Bela into a guitar effect

My next experiment was to turn the Bela board into a guitar effect and integrate the scanner into it. Bela has both built-in audio input and output, which can be addressed with the [adc~] and [dac~] objects respectively. By assigning an [adc~] to the input of the [delwrite~] object and a [dac~] to the output of the delay taps, I could run the signal from my guitar through the patch and hear the effect in action on my headphones or in my guitar amp.

To upload and run a PD patch on Bela, all I had to do was access its web-based IDE by addressing bela.local in my web browser and make sure to name the file _main.pd. Since the patch is no longer editable in the IDE, I couldn’t change any of the effect’s parameters, so I set up a patch with default values to test if the sound comes through Bela and if the patch works.

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