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  • Evaluation of Master Thesis

    Technology as bridge between health professionals and patients. Author: Julia NeunteufelUniversity: Paris Lodron Universität Slazburg _______________________________________________________________________________________ Level of design The design is a bit basic and poor. It looks like a very technological and scientific thesis but the author didn’t take the opportunity to play with design options. Once said that the overall structure of […]

  • “A very long Wait”

    #The Topic “One month after my episode I finally got the device, I wore it for 2 days, and then I gave it back. My doctor called me 10 days after, I will have to go through the process again because she needed more data. So… almost two months will be passed by the time […]

  • Improving medical interfaces for patients

    #The Topic The Holter Monitor Interface is quite dated, bulky, and unintelligible. Patients do not feel involved in the process and do not understand what parameters are being measured. In a world where technology users are more educated and informed than ever before, leaving patients out of the loop feels paternalizing. Making users feel disconnected […]

  • Living with a Heart Rate Monitor

    # The Topic A heart rate monitor (HRM) is a personal monitoring device that measures heart rate in real-time or records the heart rate for later study. It is commonly used to collect heart rate data while performing various types of activity which are part of the patient’s day-to-day life. Portable medical devices are referred to as Holter Monitor […]

  • Data visualization in health systems.

    Knowledge is power. Nowadays all kinds of sensors are continuously gathering data about our behavior, our physical activity levels, and different health indicators like blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and more. All of this can be monitored through phones, smartwatches and other IoT devices conceived specially for medical applications What happens with all this data? […]

  • IoT devices for medical applications

    Data is driving change in most industries in the past years. Enterprises gathering significant data from users can tailor their experience better to them. Major tech players have entered the field of Health in recent years. Fitness promotion, health indicators monitoring, and emergency contact are some of the key features that companies like Apple, Samsung, […]

  • eHealth as the way to Improve Patient Experience

    #Topic As we have seen recently, the health systems of the countries can be subjected to great burdens of responsibility and work for medical staff who must monitor the well-being of patients and in turn, seek psychological wellness during medical procedures to which such patients are subjected. Since 2005, the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized […]