Author: Olena Davletshyn

  • Master’s Thesis Evaluation

    Design and evaluation of mobile fitness application to encourage people in physical activity Raquel Catalina Vaquero and Rodolfo Morales Lopez 1.1 Level of design In my opinion, the level of design is not developed quite well. They have old fashion tables and the image quality is low. Some information in the tables is hard to […]

  • Design and Research 2: Propaganda

    Today, we swallow information on the Internet without even thinking about whether it is worth checking. The media pushes us to certain values and opinions under the guise of curiosities or information that does not concern us, which we accidentally saw on the internet. Based on this, we build a pattern and an image about […]

  • Des&Res 2. How to bring Lab closer to the streets

    Today, design is rapidly developing in various areas of our lives. Design thinking began to be used in medicine, biology, products, and much more. People realized that by combining different disciplines we can achieve much better results. At the university, we are often told that by gathering specialists from different fields, we can consider the […]

  • NIME: Exploring Identity Through Design: A Focus on the Cultural Body Via Nami

    Sara Sithi-Amnuai In this article, the author reveals the theme of personal identity and cultural body. Identity is very closely linked to the culture in which we were born. This culture, in turn, is inventive and full of art, music, and dance. The author focuses on the fact that the topic of the design and […]

  • How to make projects relying on the medical information

    When designing for medicine, the designer must be aware of various aspects of this field. He must analyze how the processes run in a particular medical institution and the first thing he must pay attention to is the medical aspects of the problem he is trying to solve.In a short time, the designer or design […]

  • Medising trends

    People are realizing more and more that design in medicine is very important. Previously, companies producing medical devices strongly focused on the engineering aspect, where now, over several years, significant progress can be noticed in the aspect of design. The aim of cooperation with designers is to increase the satisfaction of patients and medical staff, […]

  • Empathy in designing a program for cancer patients

    Why is empathy in medical application design so difficult? Empathy is the ability to empathize with other people’s situations without having to live the same experience. Thanks to it, we can understand the problems they are struggling with and the feelings that they are going through. Unfortunately, in designing for sick people, we cannot feel […]

  • Principles of data analysis in health care

    Various analytical tools are used to analyze data in the medical area, thanks to which it is easier to make decisions based on facts. These methods later help in planning, measuring, designing, and educating. Now the global health service is suffering from shortages among doctors and nurses who make primary care. As a result, already […]

  • App Cancer.Net

    One of the first steps is to begin analysis from an understanding side of a patient. The reason is very simple, there is a lot of information about this in the global network.First, I started by analyzing some of the applications that help patients in the treatment process. Today we’ll take a look at Cancer.Net […]

  • Digital symptom tracker for doctors treating cancer patients.

    Digital symptom tracker for doctors treating cancer patients.

    Today, all areas of our lives are experiencing a global digitalization. The field of medicine is no exception, but unfortunately, cancer still remains one of the worst diseases in the world. “Cancer” is the term used to describe a group of diseases that vary in type and location, but share one thing in common – […]