Master’s Thesis Evaluation

Design and evaluation of mobile fitness application to encourage people in physical activity Raquel Catalina Vaquero and Rodolfo Morales Lopez

1.1 Level of design

In my opinion, the level of design is not developed quite well. They have old fashion tables and the image quality is low. Some information in the tables is hard to read because they didn’t adjust the font size. The example screens which are shown are not big enough to read data on them clearly. The style of the whole Master thesis is classic, the layout is typical for research papers. The whole text is not centered. 

1.2 Degree of innovation

This research paper is focusing on designing and evaluating the iOS mobile application. The app is about fitness and how to anchorage people to train more (with a trainer or without). The field of study is User Experience Design and Interaction Design.

1.3 Independence

The Research paper-making process wasn’t independent. The authors got external help from the SportyFly OY. members. The main author is still Raquel Catalania Vaquero and Rodolfo Morales was helping with it. 

1.4 Outline and structure

I think that structure and outline are in their places, they are logical and understandable. There is an Abstract, Division of Work, Table of Content,  Introduction, Literature Review, Theory, Content, Prototype, Evaluation, Discussion and Conclusion, Bibliography, List of figures, List of Tables, List of Symbols and Abbreviations. 

1.5 Degree of communication

Raquel and Rodolfo have a clear and structured way of communication. They use many sources to prove their point, many references help to understand the topics they are talking about better. The way of the thesis is structured really well and you always can find a point where you were before, I think that list of symbols and Abbreviations is really helpful in this kind of paper. 

1.6 Scope of the work

The project was based on cooperation with an existing company. They created an app that helps people do more sports, they based their approach on User Experience Design and User Centric Design methodology. They start with briefing and understanding all complications the previous version had. They did great User Research which helped them to understand how to redesign an app better.

1.7 Orthography and accuracy

From the language perspective of view, the research is on a good level, you can easily understand what the authors wanted to communicate, I personally didn’t find mistakes(Orthographic or grammatical). Sometimes text wasn’t visible enough to read. 

1.8 Literature

Literature Quantity is brought, they included a lot of useful design books. There were also a lot of online references which will also be helpful in my own Master’s Thesis. 

Raquel, C; Rodolfo, M; “Design and evaluation of mobile fitness application to encourage people in physical activity” Master’s Thesis  Tampere University of Technology,  September 2016;

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