Voice AI – A deeper look

Voice change by AI tools refers to the ability of software systems to modify the sound of a user’s voice in various ways using artificial intelligence techniques. These tools use machine learning algorithms and real-time audio processing to apply filters and modifications to a user’s voice, altering its pitch, timbre, tone, and other characteristics. The modifications can range from subtle changes, such as adjusting the tone of a voice to sound more professional or friendly, to more dramatic transformations, such as turning a male voice into a female voice or vice versa. Voice change by AI tools has numerous applications, including entertainment, gaming, and communication, where it can add a fun and engaging aspect to interactions or help users maintain anonymity. However, there are also concerns about the potential misuse of these tools for malicious purposes, such as impersonation or fraud.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at the system and what is currently possible with it. Generally speaking, the tool allows us to use our voice and change it to a different person’s voice. For example, in this case, I used the well-known podcaster Joe Rogan’s voice. The original sound bite from the Joe Rogan podcast is available, and my voice has been altered in real-time using the voice.ai tool. The changed voice is also available in recording mode.

The original soundbit from the Joe Rogan Podcast
My voice altered by voice.ai in real-time
altered with max. recording settings

Voice AI altering is a rapidly advancing technology that enables users to modify their voices in various ways. Although the technology is not yet perfect, it is still impressive to see how far it has come. One of the most fascinating aspects of voice AI altering is that it can be used to train any voice, including your own. This means that users can create personalized voice filters and even deepfake their own voice, making it sound like they are saying things they never actually said. However, there are limitations to the technology, and it is not yet capable of producing completely realistic and convincing voice alterations. Despite these limitations, voice AI altering technology is still incredibly exciting but also a bit frightening.

One of the concerns is that the AI that learns from voice recordings can be used for free, with payment for more voice, etc., and is open to everyone. This means that in the future, deepfakes will become an omnipresent topic, and the source will become even more critical than they already are.

For a detailed look into the app I recommend following video:

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