Other experiments: product & interior

After experimenting with graphic design in fashion, I wanted to see what kind of differences may occur within other industries. I decided to focus on the industries: product (drinks) and interior design as these are considered quite gender neutral. I wanted to see if giving these gendered characteristics will impact the perceived gender and if changing to the opposite will do the same.

Experiment 1: Product design (male to female)

Experiment 2: Product design (female to male)

Experiment 3: Interior design (male to female)

Experiment 4: Interior design (female to male)


I am quite surprised by the outcome as I believe changing the gendered characteristics actually had an impact on the design. Even in smaller considered changes like typography, you could already see the difference and slight tendencies towards the opposite considered gender. However, between the industries I do not see as much of a difference in the impact which is also surprising. This shows that there may be differences in industries if you compare the outcome of the fashion industry. A deeper analysis however will follow in the conclusion blog post.

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