Author: Kirsty Pavier

  • Kritische Bewertung einer Master- oder Diplomarbeit

    Im Rahmen der Lehrveranstaltung “Proseminar Master’s Thesis” im 3. Semester des Studiengangs Communication, Media, Sound & Interaction Design, wurde die Aufgabe aufgegeben eine Master- oder Diplomarbeit kritisch anhand von verschiedenen Kriterien zu bewerten. Im Folgenden wurde dies behandelt. Zu bewertende Diplomarbeit Weiss, M. (2010) Schauraum Südtirol : ein Dach für eine Marke.Link: Gestaltungshöhe Innovationsgrad Selbstständigkeit […]

  • Gendered experiments: my conclusion to designing gender-neutral

    NOTE: In order to make communication easier, in this blog post I will refer to stereotypically perceived male design attributes of the components of a corporate identity (image, logo, graphics, logo and colours) as “male” and typically female assigned as “female”. As this bases on stereotypes it in no way suggests that this is always […]

  • Other experiments: product & interior

    After experimenting with graphic design in fashion, I wanted to see what kind of differences may occur within other industries. I decided to focus on the industries: product (drinks) and interior design as these are considered quite gender neutral. I wanted to see if giving these gendered characteristics will impact the perceived gender and if […]

  • First experiments: female fashion

    After experimenting on male imagery, I wanted to do the same for females. I categorised into 3: accessories focussed, high fashion and street style. Step by step I changed different components from the corporate design to make it fit more into male stereotypes. Experiment 1: Accessories Experiment 2: High fashion Experiment 3: Street style Thoughts […]

  • First experiments: male fashion

    To stay within the topic of fashion branding, I decided to firstly experiment within the fashion graphic design industry. I structured the experiments based on different fashion styles as I think different styles are more likely and some less likely to be considered “more” or “less male/female. Based on “male” considered images, I changed components […]

  • My plan for the experiment on gender neutral branding

    As mentioned within my last blog post, I plan to experiment with the boundaries between stereotypically assigned female and male design, where exactly these boundaries lie and where gender neutrality could be perceived. Next steps 1. Plan: Set up experiment parameters Set up areas to experiment within 2. Experiment Research & produce pictures Research typography, […]

  • Unisex fashion branding as an experiment?- my thought process on finding a topic

    Last semester, I was able to research into many aspects of unisex and gender-neutral design within different design sectors while specifically focussing on the fashion industry and branding. I gained a lot of insight on significant factors to consider before developing a corporate identity and what external obstacles as well as internal strategic decisions need […]

  • Is gender-neutral/ unisex the right term considering society and its toxic masculinity?

    One subject that really stood out to me while researching unisex clothing companies as well as gender-neutral branding and design is the fact that basically speaking: gender-neutral & unisex = masculine In both product design, where I analysed based on the design of smartwatches, and branding, to also target the male species a more masculine […]

  • Creating a guide to your next unisex/ gender-neutral CI

    After having a closer look at other unisex-clothing companies and quite different outcomes and interpretations, I would like to see how theory defines a gender-neutral corporate identity. Again, to simplify how this blog article is structured, the different elements will be analysed based the elements of a corporate identity: colours, typography, images and graphics and […]

  • Unisex/ gender-neutral clothing companies – a comparative analysis

    NOTE: Before we start, in order to not confuse the terms, I’d like to clarify that the English word for “corporate design”, when referring to the 4 elements of a corporate identity, is called “corporate identity”. Therefore, the English word “corporate identity” is the German word for “Corporate Design” and will be used throughout this […]