Smart living – a luxury?

Life can be so simple when you can preheat the oven, dim the lights or open the blinds while on the go. But what exactly is this smart system that makes my everyday life easier?


Smart home or home automation is an umbrella term about various smart technologies that includes and controls different factors such as lighting, climate, entertainment systems, kitchen appliances, ventilation or even the security systems such as access control and alarm systems. What is important here is that the devices include the feature of connecting to the Internet and are part of the Internet of Things (“IoT”). 

The smart home system combines these devices through an overview platform, a central smart home hub or also known under the term “gateway”. The user interface used to connect, control and monitor the systems is usually a wall-mounted terminal, tablet or desktop computer, a mobile application or a web interface that can be operated from outside the home via internet access. 

There are already some products on the market, which are configured according to one’s own interest or offered as starter sets, mostly combined with a smart home app. The purchase of the devices is definitely a costly effort, yet these systems simplify the everyday life of many people and provides information about their own consumption. 

Can this be sustainable?

Sustainability is on everyone’s lips and this is also reflected in the various smart home applications. The Bosch Smart Home app, for example, includes the climate manager function. Rooms can be cooled and heated more smartly, and rooms can be ventilated more sustainably. As a result, rooms are used more effectively, heating costs are saved and energy consumption is reduced. In addition, the system also monitors the radiator valves, thereby extending the service life of the devices and protecting the radiator from calcification in summer and a smooth reactivation in winter. 


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