Author: Laura Varhegyi

  • Critical Evaluation of a master’s thesis

    Designing Future-Friendly Content: Modeling production data for industrial applications by domain experts By Diana Solkazian Level of design The layout was designed according to the guidelines of the FH in Salzburg, therefore it is in Times New Roman with consistent spacing and has a serious look. Degree of innovation The thesis is about the development […]

  • Beyond good UX

    My current research has led me to immersive experiences where people can dive into a new world and interact with an environment. But I got occupied with another topic and a question peaked my interest. Can a good user experience be bad for the user? The answer may seem obvious, great UX can lead to […]

  • The Treachery of Sanctuary

    Designed by Chris Milk The Treachery of Sanctuary is an experience of birth, death, and transfiguration and the creative process. It projects the transformation of the participants’ shadow on a white panel. It is an older project, Milk made 10 years ago but it is still simple and impressive. The work consists of three 30-foot […]

  • Aura at the Notre-Dame Basilica

    Designed by Moment Factory Aura is a multimedia installation inside the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. It uses light, sound and video mapping to showcase the basilica in a completely new way. The story has three acts: The Birth of Light, The Obstacles and The Open Sky. The story contains religious themes and highlights the gothic […]

  • Best Practice

    In the upcoming posts we will look at best practice examples of exhibitions, installations and experience centers. The analysis will cover the interaction itself, how immersive it is and the implementation. LAVA Centre Designed by Basalt Architects and Gagarín The LAVA Centre is a fully interactive exhibition based in Hvolsvöllur on Iceland. It’s an educational […]

  • Analog/Digital Environments

    In this article we will look at other types of installations and projections to see what other settings we can use as designers for immersive experiences. Projection Mapping Projection mapping is a 3D video projection technique using physical environments and objects as the surface for a projection, instead of a screen. Light, colors and oftentimes […]

  • Immersive Experience

    In this blog post we will look at the fundamentals of immersive experiences. What makes them immersive in the first place? What is an Immersive Experience? An immersive experience is pulling a person into a new or augmented world, giving them space to explore and engage on their own and enrich everyday life via technology. […]

  • Difference between VR, AR, MR, XR

    Let’s start with the basics. We first must know the difference between these technologies, to be able to adapt future projects to the right environment. Reality as a construct What we perceive with our senses seems to be reality, whether what we perceive comes from the digital or the physical world. Take for instance watching […]

  • How will user experience shape exhibition spaces?

    Museum visits are quickly becoming more personalized and interactive with the help of technology. The traditional medium like painting, drawing, and sculpture has been transformed into new forms such as virtual reality, digital installations, and projection mapping. Touch, physical participation, and social interaction become essential qualities. Interactive exhibitions have the power to pull the audience […]